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These performances are 45-50 minutes in length. Jay performs two of his short, very popular stories and one long story. Below are descriptions of the long stories.



Herman and Marguerite


Jay O'Callahan & Herman and Marguerite puppets

An award winning story of how a worm and a caterpillar cheer up a lonely orchard. It's a story filled with mime, movement, song and voice. The story builds to the moment that Marguerite, the caterpillar, has to go into her sack, her chrysalis. It's a story of the courage of two friends who are willing to do all they can to bring and orchard back to life.


Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner Indie Award Winner




"Herman and Marguerite' is miraculous. . .an epic, and it's about worms. A delight."
Entertainment Weekly




Michael the Grasshopper


grasshopper"Michael the Grasshopper" is a story of a grasshopper who has been tricked into thinking that he must be a butterfly to be happy. Michael goes into the dark forest in search of a red stone that will change him into a butterfly. If he doesn't get the red stone back to three spiders of change by morning, it will crush him. In the journey, Michael meets some wonderful strange friends, including Wiggums and Woggums, two of Jay's most popular characters.



The Little Dragon


"The Little Dragon" is a story of the last forest dragon. He cannot breathe fire. The dragon is locked up in a tower where the king and his friends make fun of him everyday. A little girl, Elizabeth, befriends the dragon and teaches him how to breathe fire. Just as the dragon learns to breathe fire, the setting sun turns blue. It's turning to ice. Will the dragon be able to melt the crust around the sun and save the earth?


Parents' Guide to Children's Media Award




Jay"Raspberries" is a story about a farmer who's hiding under his hat. It turns out that the farmer, Simon, was once a wonderful baker. He gave up baking when two friends betray him. The story is a wild, playful journey of Simon's discovering magical raspberries and returning in triumph to the bakery.


Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner


"Dickensian juiciness."

Seattle Times




"Petrukian" is a drama of a mighty blacksmith who has a secret. He cannot strike a horseshoe. To break the spell, he must solve a riddle but cannot find the courage to ask for the help he needs. Edward and Elizabeth help Petrukian end an evil curse. It's a story filled with the fire, heat and intensity of a blacksmith's life.



Washington Post


The Island


JayA sailor is shipwrecked on an invisible island. He's befriended by the daughter of the queen and wants to save the queen from an evil monster on the island. This is a story filled with mystery, adventure, intrigue and love. Jay wrote it after being inspired by The Tempest.


Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner


"One of the most powerful tales I've ever heard."
Entertainment Weekly


The Golden Drum


This is a story of a struggle between a father and a daughter in the mysterious land of Artana. A kingdom is threatened and a young woman, Orringy, is the only one who can save the land. Orringy and her father make peace and explore an illusion that will defeat an army of barbarians. It's a story filled with intrigue, myth, struggle and humor.


Parents' Guide to Children's Media Award

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