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Downloads for Grownups

Downloads for Grownups


These stories and albums are for grownups.


Downloading Your Digital Orders

After confirming your order, click on downloads on the next page. Account Downloads will come up. Click on the blue icon to the right of the download. Click on Save File. The MP3 will be saved to whatever location you've set your downloads to be saved to. At any time you can go back to the store, log in and go to your Account, go to My Orders, and download the file for up to 2 additional times.

The majority of these stories are SOLD AS ZIP FILES OF .MP3 AND CANNOT BE DOWNLOADED DIRECTLY ONTO YOUR PHONE OR TABLET DEVICES. YOU MUST FIRST DOWNLOAD THE ZIP PRODUCT ALBUM/STORY, UNZIP IT INTO THE APPROPRIATE DIRECTORY, and then sync your devices with your computer if you wish to listen to the stories on electronic devices other than your computer.


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Chickie Download
Recorded live at the Studio Arena Theatre Some friendships are made only at certain places and at..
Cracked Egg (download)
NPR abbreviated version of Jay's 93-minute CD The Dance.   A boy struggles with the feelings ..
Dancing With Fire (download)
A collection of eight of Jay's short stories. Includes:   * Max (a magical story about the bl..
Don Quixiote and My Daughter, Laura (download)
Don Quixote and my Daughter Laura is a story of imagination and enchantment. When my daughter was em..
Falling for Emily Dickinson, Live Performance at Pontine Theatre (download)
Enter the fiery world of Emily Dickinson. She inspired me to see anew. I hope she will do the same f..
Father Joe, Full Version (download)
On March 19th 1945, the aircraft carrier, the USS Franklin was bombed by Japanese aircraft. Father J..
Father Joe, Short NPR version (download)
NPR abbreviated version of Jay's 58-minute CD Father Joe.   On March 19th 1945, the aircraft ..
Forged in the Stars (download)
Forged in the Stars was commissioned by NASA for its 50th anniversary.   "His (O'Callahan) ac..
Herring Shed, The (download)
World War II comes home to a Nova Scotia fishing village. The Herring Shed is the story of 14-year o..
Labyrinth of Uncle Mark (download)
Could an Irish Catholic man, a brilliant lawyer from Cambridge, Massachusetts and a Japanese Canadia..
Muddy River Playhouse (download)
Jay grew up in a neighborhood of Boston called Pill Hill. His creaky old house, a tree that was seve..
Pill Hill Quartet (download)
  Jay O'Callahan grew up in a neighborhood called Pill Hill because so many doctors lived ther..
Pouring the Sun (download)
Pouring the Sun, is the story of an immigrant woman, Ludvika Moskal, who like the molten metal in a ..
Spirit of the Great Auk (download)
  This story written by Jay O'Callahan lets you experience the plight of the ocean. In "The ..
The Dance (download)
A father-son Pill Hill story; the boiling inner world of a boy coming to manhood. A two cassette or..

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